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Karachi Citizen Lab

The inaugural event of **Karachi Citizen Lab happened on October 27th 2018,
hosted by the **National Incubation Center NIC. Read more.


 Data & Citizenship :: Climathon 2018

Civic Engagement & Action for Karachi was coming together like this by October 2018.
Read more.


 About Artlab

ArtLab is figments, spaces, events and  objects which fuse
Art, Environment, New Media Technologies and Culture. 
Read more.



Implosive Karachi

Implosive is the opposite of explosive. The 360 image sphere enters the white cube at the Karachi Biennale 2017. Read more.




Overview Effect Karachi

LED strips and razor wire join a solar band. When lit, the LED lights—powered by solar panels and attached to. Read more.



Future Air

Climate Change & Air poster workshop Sep 2018.
Sustainable Youth Conference 2018 with FutureThere & Goethe Institute. Read more.



Pinhole : Karachi~Linz

Live pinhole interaction between Karachi and Linz, Austria using a wormhole-like net connection across cultural spacetime. With Mauj Collective (2008-2010). Read more. 



Students make eco-friendly light sculptures in the classrooms, while solar panels generate free electricity for them.     :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::://:::/::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  Read more.


Bio + Neuro 

Karachi and its mental states, being an edgy city of migrants on the sea, coloured by diversity. Read more.


Digital Gaze @ ISEA UAE 


    Presentation before panel discussion with Taqi Shaheen at the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA). Read more.


 Entangled with Ameer Khusro


Amir Khusro dwells on Karachi’s urban biopolitics. The subtleness of regulation, the thriving of life in physical throes, its compartmentalization. Read more.


Hamara Mahol Festival

     ہمارا ماحول @  جشن فیض      Jashn e Faiz & ‘hamara mahol’     
From Citizens for Democracy. Read more.



About Organic City

Taqi Shaheen Organic City artlab karachi

Yes, you have green alternatives. We are offering them. Make your choice. Go Green! Organic City was established in 2014. Read more.



Teaching Environmental Art


      How to launch a school into space, in 13 questions & answers
Click for full report. Read more.



 New Media in Pakistan 2010


The study focuses on new media technologies, their contexts and consequences.
As art, artifact, the way they are understood, cultural. Read more.


 Drone on Gas

 Videos made using a mobile phone attached to gas balloons
hovering over the audience at a protest concert outside Geo offices. Read more.


 Tree & drone lines of thought

Environment, new media, biology, installations. 
Read more.



Qareene قرینه

 مهرافروز  Meher Afroz یاسرحسین  Yasir Husain.
A seeking out of sensibilities, of culture, of ways of living. 
Read more.


Art & Creative Sustainability

The artists focus on art practice
which engages a school community. Read more.


*Theory<>Culture ~ [Environment
[:;New;:] Media] +Art=Tech+ – Read more.


 Yasir Husain

   Yasir Husain has worked to bring knowledge about the environment
to the public, through Art + Tech projects. Read more.



An ode to a tree in the universe
I am the insect’s universe, reptile’s planet, bird’s abode.
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