Future Air Youth Conference Goethe

Climate Change & Air Poster Workshop Sep 2018
Sustainable Youth Conference 2018 with FutureThere
Goethe Institute – Karachi

Yasir Husain & Naveed Waghani

14-16 Sep 2018 — Short film on

Workshop at Goethe Institut on Climate & Air, with children from schools with German as a language. Part of the Sustainable Youth Conference 2018. Grateful to be a part of it.

Children making Posters on the environment which will be distributed to many schools, along with links to 2 docu.s made in a parallel workshop.


We had 12 children in groups of 3. We gave them a short course on

. Climate change and environment with documentaries
. History of the poster
. Using Adobe Illustrator to make posters
. Focusing on Air with Pakistan Air Quality Initiative – atmosphere, weather, air quality, climate change, heat, energy, floods, hurricanes

And the Communication outcome, the 4 posters will keep doing their work where ever they may be put up.