Karachi Citizen Lab 2018

Core stakeholders, citizens and government, came together to build a livable and globally competitive Karachi, with innovation & technology. 

The inaugural event of **Karachi Citizen Lab happened on October 27th 2018 at hosted by the **National Incubation Center NIC, Karachi.


3:00 Mr. Zia Banday – An Economically Competitive Karachi
3:15 Mr. Farhan Anwar – Livability
3:30 Mr. Fazal Noor – Investing in Women’s Activism
3:45 Dr. Noman Ahmed – Planning for Water Supply, Sewerage & Solid Waste Disposal
4:00 Fireside Conversation: Ali Zaidi, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs

4:30 Working Groups

• Livability & Culture
• Water & Waste
• Nature & the City

Venue:   National Incubation Center – Karachi, at NED University.

Map: https://maps.google.com/?cid=18421912277439259095


Working Sessions                   

Short talks within each group followed by moderated discussion.

 1.  Livability & Culture  — Ground floor

Moderator: Farhan Anwar               Talks: Arieb Azhar, +
Quality of life indicators. Mobility & access. Culture. Spaces. Parks.  Networks. Community programming across the city. Human-centric service delivery performance. Festivals. Social geography.

2.  Water & Waste  — 1st floor workspace

Moderator: Sophia Hasnain            Talks: Sophia Hasnain, +
Access to clean water. Meaning of waste & disposal: materials. Re-use & conservation. Destruction of rivers, land & sea. Green lifestyles & consumerism.

3.  Nature in the City  — Auditorium

Moderator: Yasir Husain                 Talks: Shahzad Ahmed, Yasir Husain, +
Parks & community programming. Organic rooftop kitchen-gardening. Eco-friendly lifestyles & healthy living. Green markets. Surveys of trees, birds, insects, animals, and much more.

[The working sessions were not held. These will become a series of separate events to be held in the coming months. ]

#FutureKarachi  –  factual  instructive  imaginative dream-like  fictional intuitive empowering

The purpose of the Karachi Citizen Lab sessions is to put minds together in imagining the future, while facilitating innovation in urban issues, with citizen-centric services. Hot trends such as in youth culture and new technologies,  require new thinking for providing services in a future society.

Speakers and participants may bring up issues in their experience, in their areas of concern. They will work out ways in which particular new technologies and citizen-powered initiatives, will transform how departments and organizations deliver their services in the future. Mechanisms for working across organizational differences for coordination and consistent service delivery.

Each group would identify the three most important messages in their area of work, that the public should know about. These messages would be immediately posted on social media as instant outputs, that immediately begin to raise awareness.  The participants are encouraged to explore online engagement with colleagues while they work in the sessions.

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