New Media in Pakistan

New media in PK 2010 coverThe study focuses on new media technologies, their contexts and consequences. As art, artifact, the way they are understood, cultural form, they are components of digital culture in Pakistan in 2010. Public & digital culture, new info technology and development, film and TV, piracy laws and many other areas are explored

The challenge was to meet the momentum of this wave, welcome it, re-evaluate it, re-use it and re-purpose it for own agendas”, says Yasir Husain in the conclusion of the research.
“Some we do consciously, but even then some things never get noticed, or are just impossible to contend with.”

The concrete hope is that this study will set the stage for more links, exchanges and collaborations to happen.

New Media in Pakistan 2010   <Click for PDF>

by Yasir Husain

for Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and
Mauj Collective (2010)



Intro : New Media in Pakistan

The Public & Digital Culture

New Info Tech & Development

Culture & Academic Locations

Film & TV

Computer Graphics & Post-Houses

Broadcast, Alternative & Tactical Media

Piracy, Hacking & Law

Games & Gaming

Health & Harm

Conclusion: Culture of Human-Machine Entanglement


Mauj Collective for Open Technology, Art & Culture Karachi, June 2010
[Defunct since 2010]


New Media in Pakistan 2010   <Click for PDF>