Qareene قرینه with Meher Afroze

 مهرافروز  Meher Afroz
یاسرحسین  Yasir Husain

The work is a seeking out of sensibilities, of culture, of ways of living, of thinking and being with others, which are both beautiful,a source of pleasure for the subject, and at the the same time a reminder of what historical time causes to vanish, hide, and make difficult to find.

To Urdu speakers the word qareene sounds like qaide qareene, old rules and customs – not to Persian speakers. Qareene is a pairing, of likes, of things similar – it is Symmetry.

The installation creates a dream space||scape for sensible feeling states that one works through – ones own, and those of other/s. The atmosphere will be suffused with the sound of movement, of emotional states, of seeking, longing, dejection, and communion, a fragrant space, alive, and always on the move. Always with a lightness at work.

In this process of muddling through, seeking, one comes to re||member what is already known, beautifully enunciated, as if the subject it||self was being sought out to re||connect to the possibility of being.

In a manner familiar to Persian poets, in this artwork, the subject leads it||self  to being. Qareene.

The installation has four screens with windows to look into and a backscreen with the moving image on it. There is a Persian classical and folk soundtrack to go with it, often using the taar تار musical instrument.

Some tracks from it

With scenes from film Bab’Aziz