Teaching Environmental Art

2014 Guidebook Shehri Project


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I. Understanding concepts

env art 4Environment, Art, Technology, Science, Culture

1. What is Environmental Art? What kinds of artworks are included in the category Environmental Art? What concepts have they used and in which mediums?

2. What is Art? What is the understanding of art? What is the role of art and culture, art and society? The meaning of the Art has varied much over time.

3. How are Art and Technology linked? How are Art and Science linked? How are Technology and Science linked? How are Science, Technology, Society and Culture linked?

env art 3

II. Strategies for obstacles

Future, Social, Commonsenv art 2

4. How should the course be designed so that it is relevant to the future, and how. What outcomes do we envisage.

5. Given the marginal social and geographic place that forms their community in Hijrat Colony, what educational and empowering strategies must become part of the overall approach in the course.

6. What are the merits and demerits of learning and doing in a group as opposed to individual learning and projects by students. What would be involved in doing collaboration work, given current conditions? How is collaborative learning linked to the Commons, publicness and one’s neighborhood and networks?



III. Learning & teaching approaches :

6101415124_d8e25360feScience, Technology, Environment & Art

7. What approaches have been developed to teach Science, Technology and Art, and what is the rationale, need and thinking behind them.

8. What approaches exist in popular and consumer culture which might inform us about how to involve technological solutions in a school and community project. (Magazines, DIY, consumer gadgets, ICTs, new and social media).

 Solar Light2Light LED Yasir Husain School


IV. Classroom Strategies

env art 19. How can objects, devices and material be used in classroom learning and instruction especially on the subjects of environment, technology and art? How can the exposure of students to knowledge about current trends and immediate environment be radically enhanced? How can students be empowered to use these?

10. Given the relatively low level of knowledge about environment, technology and art, how can these be introduced while students gain proficiency in these areas, both in terms of knowledge and in the experience of building creative technological solutions, as art.

11. How to plan the project so that before we start building the artwork, students reach a high minimum level of knowledge of the environment and related technologies, in order to design and make an informed project.

12. Assuming a low understanding of the areas of the environment, art and technology, what topic strategies would be best suited to the classroom at Islamia School.

13. What environmentally friendly criteria should we use in choosing materials?





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