Yasir Husain

Yasir Husain has worked to bring knowledge about the environment to the public, through Art + Tech projects, community involvement, an engagement with culture, and working in education.

Yasir current interests and projects are in:

  • Civic Engagement (online, offline)
  • Quality of life index
  • Karachi Biennale 2019 with its theme Flight Interrupted: Eco-Leaks from the Invasion desk (participant)
  • Urban farming (organic, rooftop, kitchen, market)
  • A science-fiction SciFi film club
  • Public art project on air quality and citizen data
  • Nature in the city
  • Cultural spaces & cultural networks

In an enduring environmental theme, his artworks engage media and new technologies. He has participated in

numaish 2015 Overview Effect Karachi

Numaish 2015                  Overview Effect Karachi

  • Karachi Biennale 2017
  • Colomboscope, Sri Lanka
  • Karachi Art Summit
  • Numaish Karachi
  • Dreamscape
  • International Society for Electronic Art, ISEA Dubai 
  • Kathmandu International Art Festival, Nepal
  • Tashkent Biennale, Uzbekistan 
  • Ars Electronica, Austria &
  • Transmediale, Germany  

Yasir took a tour of media labs in Europe in 2009. An urban farmer and activist, previously Yasir formed the Mauj Collective and researched New Media in Pakistan for Asia-Europe Foundation (2010). He has taught creative sustainability through eco-devices in low-income schools, as an art project. As an organic grower he has been a part of farmer’s markets and flower shows.  

Besides ArtLab, Yasir runs Organic City with the aim to promote green lifestyles and practices. Initiatives include an Eco Store (organic produce), Horticulture Therapy (mental rehab through gardening), and organizing events on urban environment and technoculture. 

Green Schools Pakistan (school organic farm) and Crops in Pots (grow your own food) two other initiatives which were part of Organic City, are now independent.

Yasir studied at the University of Rochester and CUNY in the US, and interned at the UN in Thailand on environmental-social impacts of dams. He is a member of the Commissioner’s Technical Committee on the Environment.